The Brown Knight of the Wilds

A strange knight intent on "Jousting" and challenging everyone.


A strange “knight” has begun roaming the lands in Britain. He calls himself “The Brown Knight of the Wilds”. He refuses to openly say who he serves, what kind of reason he has to fight or where he is headed.

He is extremely skilled lancer and swordfighter, and seems motivated and passionate about something. Although it’s hard to tell what it is.

If anyone ever asks him who he is, his true name or whom he serves. He challenges them to a duel to the death.


Knight of RibsBorn: ?
Son number: ?
Homeland: ?
Culture: Cymric?
Liege Lord: Someone, no one knows who
Current Class: Knight (?)
Current Home: Roaming

Appearance: Rugged
Personality: Anachronistic
Distinctive features: Rather short, Brown beard

Energetic, Generous, Forgiving, Just, Modest, Temperate, and Valorous.


499: Recognized and challenged Sir Maelgwyn to a duel in Londinium. After the duel was declared a draw the two knights shared a cup of wine.

500 Rode into Sarum looking for Sir Cadry. He challenged Cadry to duel in order to find out the way to the Loathly Lady. The Brown knight lost the duel but Sir Cadry decided to tell the way anyway and warned the stranger to be careful in approaching the hag.

The Brown Knight of the Wilds

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