Wandering ovate


Athanwyr is an intense ovate that is studying the mysteries of the druids in order to ascend to their powerful ranks. He has no set home, but rather wanders the roads seeking strange lore.
He claims to have traveled as far as the far north of the british isles and to have spent time in ireland among the singing savages living there.

Like most of his ilk he is apt to answer a question with question of his own in order to not reveal secrets ordinary men are ill equipped to understand and handle.

Son number: 4
Homeland: Salisbury, Logres
Culture: Cymric British Pagan
Current Class: Commoner
Current Home: The Roads

Personality: Fierce seeker
Distinctive features: Shaved head and face, heavy brow

Known for

Renowned traits:Energetic, Honest, Proud, Spiritual
Renowned passions:


482: Helped return an obelisk to the stone circle in the forest near Tisbury. Started teaching Sir Cadry in the lore of the gods


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