Orphan pagan warrior


Book of the Dead

Anwyn died 488 in during a troublesome pregnancy.

Anwyn grew up a proud pagan in Civitas Regnenses, then still organized in the Roman fashion. Her father served as a Sargeant in the Pagi Amoenitas, and defended the Motte & Bailey Narendswall when the Saxons crossed the border in 474. The Saxons simply bypassed the castle, and Anwyns family, like most in eastern Regnenses, was badly abused. She lost her brother and oldest sister.

Her father taught the remaining family to fight whenever other work allowed. It did not save them when the Saxons returned in 477. Anwyn, along with many other commoners, fled the war to join Ambrosius, still hoping to throw the Saxons back into the sea. It was not to be. Most felt betrayed when Ambrosius acknowledged Aelles right to Suth Seaxe, and some – Anwyn among them – kept fighting. Though their original numbers dwindle season by season, new blood joins them each year.

In 480 Anwyn fought with threescore others as a local part of the larger “Regnenses Limitanii” (A name coined early on by a disenfranchised esquire of ancient roman Lineage, commonly simply “The Regnes”). The band raided, burnt outlying farms and cornered Saxon warriors at home, business as usual. When attacked by an organized war-party however, they suffered bloody defeat. Half escaped, and split up to flee north for autumn. Exhausted and wounded, Anwyn was left to die in hillfort hunded.

Born: 463
Daughter number: 3
Homeland: Civitas Regnenses, Pagus of Amoenitas (She refuses to call the land by its new saxon name)
Culture: Cymric
Husband: None
Current Class: Commoner (Brigand?)
Current Home: The wild

Personality: Strong, independent, Self-Reliant, Playful
Distinctive features: Odd Coloured eyes, Golden-Brown hair.

none of her own

Known for

Renowned traits: Energetic, Proud, Hate Saxons
Renowned skill: Hunting, Awareness



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