Airla the Harpist

A female harpist from Brittany


Airla is the child of a family fleeing from Britain after Vortigern and Hengists savaged the land of many families. She’s been raised in Brittany by relatives, and returned at the request of Aurlius Ambrosius who was very fond of her harp and song. She often sings song of heroes and legends of the past.

Born: 455
Died: 495
Daughter number: 3
Homeland: Brittany
Culture: Cymric
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: Commoner
Current Home: Sarum

Appearance: Frail
Personality: Dreaming
Distinctive features: Auburn hair


495: Died together with many great men and women when they were poisoned at the victory feast after the battle of St Albans

Airla the Harpist

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