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Oath of Crows

Hard Justice

AD 497

Hard Justice

“My Lord!”

“And whom might you be, boy?”

“I’m Padern, Sir. I mean, I’m Sir Padern, Sir. Of Swallowcliffe.”

“Swallowcliffe? Well, why don’t you ride home and tell Countess Ellen or whoever who is fucking her these days that if they want to parley with me they have better send someone who has a beard, “Sir” Padern."

“Lord! Sir! No, you misunderstand! I’m here … it’s about my father, Sir! Sir Tudwal … I mean, just Tudwal. He is no longer a knight.”

“He is here, yes. What about it?”

“Well … there is no King, and so … I mean, Sir, how long, how long, will you keep him? Surely, he can not be kept here until … I mean, it might take ages before we have a King again.”

“Time is nothing to the Law. You father stands accused of forging the King’s Seal. I will keep him in my pens here until there is a King or til he dies. It is nothing to me if the King will have to pass judgement on your father’s bleached bones, understand?”

“Oh! But … well … Sir, surely the Law is not meant to be so … unjust? I can take an oath, Sir, to return with him here the day there is a K.”

“No! My answer is no. End of discussion.”

“Well then, Sir, I have one more question … … Can I see my father. Just for a few words?”

“Yes, you may. On the condition that you take an oath not to return here, openly or secretly, in peace or in war, until the King has passed judgement on your father.”

“Oh … … … No, Sir … No, I cannot. Sorry, Sir … I must then take my leave, with our … hrm, permission?”

“Yes, yes, my men have given you my Hospitality, haven’t they. Do you not trust my word?”

“Ehm … well, yes, yes, I do, Sir!”

“As you should … Wait! Before you leave … Do you have any tidings of Sir Richard?”

“What? Sir Richard? No, I know no knight with that name, Sir. Who is he?”

“Never you mind. But if he comes crawling to the Rock with whatever riff-raff he has bought to fight for him, tell him from me that he will never have an ounce of my gold, but he may have as many swords up his ass as he likes any given day. Now, begone, and take up my time no more!”

“How did it go, Sir? What did he say?”

“He would not let me take my father from the place, nor see him.”

“Nooo! Sir! That is not right!”

“Well, perhaps it is Right. But I do not think the Law should be so harsh … Oh, Mabsant, I think I saw his face among all those in the pens! He looked … Oh, it was horrible! I must get him out of this place! Surely, he has atoned for what he did? Even Sir Morcant thought so! And the late Count, too … … Anyways, what did you find out, Mabsant? Some way in?”

“Well, Sir, I almost found my way into one of the serving wen.”

“Mabsant! You job was to spy!”

“Sorry, Sir. There were too many knights and soldiers. Did you see that there has been a battle inside the walls too?”

“Yes, was that what it was! It didn’t make sense to me. What has happened here?”

“Well, Sir, I didn’t see any trace of Lord Baran and his men. Seems to me Lord Bedwor have killed the lot of them, Sir, and taken all the treasure for himself.”

“Yes … yes, I think you are right! … … By the way, do you know who Sir Richard is?”

“Sir Richard? King Uther’s treasurer? Was he here?”

“No, but Lord Bedwor seems to think he may be coming for all that treasure. Makes sense, I guess. Anyway, I have this plan Mabsant. To get my father out of that hell-hole. I’m going to ask Maelgwyn to give me custody over Sewell and then … "


I thumbs up this story. Nicely done!

Hard Justice

Thank’s. It was an experiment, to see what would happen with only dialagoue. My idea was that it would be a bit confusing at first for the reader, but also a clever way to draw the reader inte to text; “what’s going on?”, that kind of thing.

And it was really quick to write. So I may do more of these ;.)

Hard Justice

I like it!

Who is this mysterious Sir Richard?

Hard Justice

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