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Oath of Crows

A new liaison



Was he too curious for his own good? This, Melkin wondered several times during the latter part of 491. He had never been particularly cautious or patient, and he did seem to have a knack for getting into all kinds of situations due to his mindless ways, and now he wasn’t sure whether he was about to get himself into trouble again.

The winter had been interesting, eventful even, since he had started looking for his elder brother. It had, truth be told, taken Melkin several years to finally take the steps towards actively searching for Ennis. He had kept an eye out since the loathly lady had told him his brother was alive, asked a question here and there, but hadn’t put too much time into his efforts. It wasn’t until his twin girls had been born, that Melkin had started thinking about Ennis anew. It had seemed somewhat of a sign that his family would be blessed with identical twins in his generation as well, and so he had named them after the brothers he had never met.

Finally back from his courtiership in Brittany, this autumn Melkin had decided to start searching for his older brother.

“Do I even want to find him?” Melkin questioned himself several times during the winter as he sent word with travelers throughout Britain. “What if Ennis wants to take over Hindon? He is the elder brother after all, and thus I could be forced to leave the manor in his care.”

But he was too curious. Family, close blood family, had indeed been scarce in his life and he hadn’t thought that he missed it until he befriended sir Victus.

“He didn’’t look like you,” Melkin’s sister Emogen had answered when he had asked about Ennis. “You look a lot like our father did, the older you get the closer the resemblance is, but Ennis and Camlin looked more like our mother, well like me.”

“And how did you tell Ennis and Camlin apart?” Melkin asked.

“You couldn’t,” his sister said simply. “It was uncanny how alike they were, at least to me, and they wanted it to be like that,” Emogen actually laughed which surprised Melkin. She looked to be far away, in pleasant memories, which somehow made him a little sad. “I remember when Camlin managed to cut his index finger,” continued his sister, “and of course Ennis would do the same a day later, only he cut too deep and so Camlin cut himself again to even out the scar.”

This had given Melkin some clue of description of his brother in his search. A blue-eyed man in his forties, with curly dark hair and a nasty scar on his left index finger. It hadn’t been much and once the message had been sent out Melkin had other things to attend to. One of his lineage men had gotten himself into trouble during a drinking night in one of the villages in Hillfort. It seemed like many of the Marwths were as reckless as Melkin himself or more. Melkin had defended Garnath at court, and tried to talk sense to the man afterwards.

“You are my steward now, Garnath,” he had said trying to look grim. “I cannot have you starting fights whenever you drink more than two cups of ale”. But Melkin had already forgiven his new steward. He liked the man, and after all, who hadn’t gotten into a fight after almost a gallon of beer?

Melkin received his first interesting answer in the search for his brother two weeks later. A maid at one of the courts suddenly contacted him saying that she might have met the man he was looking for, even though it was a couple of years back, when she was but a girl.

Melkin had a messenger travel back to ask for more details, thanking her for all she’d already conveyed. And so, they started to correspond. She asked around about the mysterious man, and sent word as soon as she found out something new. It wasn’t much as of yet, but it was something. After some time Melkin traveled to see her and during their conversation they became familiar, friendly even.

His brother was still missing, and though their exchange had been completely innocent… Was he about to get himself into trouble, again?


Ah the Marwth twins: gone but not forgotten. It would have been fun to see how they turned out.

A new liaison

Everybody knows that one of every pair of twins must be evil. I am guessing that Ennis is the evil one and is plotting his evil return as we speak.

A new liaison

There’s been a lot of trouble around Hindon recently!

A new liaison

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