The Madness

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There is war all over Britain as many lords and knights fight over land in the vacuum that was left after the last Pendragon fell. King Nanteleod is slaying Irish and Cambrian hillmen alike, forcing them to unite under his banner and King Idres and his son Mark is hammering against the western parts of Logres.

In the east, a strange new saxon tribe calling themselves Anglian have invaded the former rich lands of Caercolun. What once was the richest part of Logres is now nothing but a Saxon colony.

Recommended reading this year

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Three ladies discuss Sir Cadry different ’’skills’’.

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The Brown Knight.
Sir Maelgwyn travels to Londinium where he faces a strange foe.

Two young idiots
The son of Sir Melkin and Sir Cadry reunite in Vagon were trouble ensues.

Other information

Did you know…
  • …there has been many updates in the Logres section!
  • …that the king of Escavalon has grown very bold laterly?
  • …how the Saxon live?