Wielding the Blade

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Wielding the Blade

The duel of Lord Elad and Sir Gwrien

The summer of 482 was an interesting one for the young men Cadry, Maelgwyn, Melkin and Gamond. Being older squires, they got to try out young pages at Vagon for future possible squire training something that especially Gamond put a lot of effort into. The day proved as expected that the sons of the vassal knights were better prepared than the other candidates, but also that some of the esquire sons showed potential as well.

Since the squires were also getting ready for possible knighthood their lords set up several test for them. One of the tests on Gamond’s part was that Sir Elad decided to fight him one on one with rebated weapons but the agreement was that neither would hold back. In the end Gamond ended up striking Elad in the head causing a serious wound.

The sparring match was barely over when sir Cardic of Dovesfield entered Vagon with his son sir Gwrien to discuss the supposed courting of his daughter, accusations that both Maelgwyn and Melkin were denyin. As such sir Cardic demanded vindication for his daughter’s honour, but the argument ended in a duel to first blood between Sir Gwrien and Lord Elad.

When the duel was won by Elad sir Gwrien refused to yield and threw the rebated weapon aside and drew his blade. The situation could have ended badly but, eventually sir Cardic managed to subdue his son and they left Vagon without any bloodshed. The breach of hospitality would however be brought to court.

Conquest of Summerland

Shortly thereafter the royal army arrived and the squires got to accompany lord Elad and lord Amig on a conquest of Summerland. The summerland troops marched into the marshes refusing to meet king Uther’s army on the field. Thus, duke Ulfius of the Vale ordered the troops to raid the countryside. When returning from the raid all men fell mysteriously ill, and king Uther decided to meet and parley with Cadwy, the king of Summerland.

The four squires Melkin, Cadry, Maelgwyn and Gamond got to be part of king Uther’s personal guard during this meeting standing in a swamp feeling more or less nauseous. All of them thought that they could see something moving from time to time in the darkness out in the waters. Gamond, being the one who had taken most ill almost got taken by a hideous fearie creature called a water leaper, but the others drew him away from the water just in time.

In the end Uther declared that he had reached an agreement with king Cadwy. Summerland would become part of Logres and Cadwy would rule Summerland as both King and Count. For this Cadwy was also given land in different parts of Logres to smooth the transition.

A feast was held during which king Uther spoke to Cadry and Maelgwyn about their fathers and acknowledged that he had met them. All seemed to be over when Maelgwyn told lord Elad about a mysterious brigand called the knight of ribs, and that he supposedly was wielding a blade of hate. Elad became furious and immediately set off into the forest seeking the man who supposedly slew maid Adwen, Elad’s former betrothed. When the army returned back to Hillfort, he was nowhere to be seen.

As chronicled by Sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

Wielding the Blade

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