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Player notes: They are to distant to keep any real relation to you.

The county of Tribruit is an old former farmland and partly rich county of Logres. Most of the county has been lost to the wilds of Forest Sauvage and the few knights and hundreds that remain untouched is fighting to keep the magical forest at bay. The commoners are scared and many have either dissappeared into the forest or gone missing. Entire castles, lands and hundreds has simply gone missing. Few even remember the names of the Lords and Towns that are gone, as if they had never existed.

The county is somewhat held together by Lord Elystan, a former small time baron and vassal of the land. He can barely remember who he served.

Dominant lord: Lord Elystan
Heir: -contested-
Political strength: Noteworthy (3)
Military strength: Notable (3)

Regional trait: Afraid of fearies
Regional passion:


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