Current name: Tisbury
Current lord: Cadry ap Cadwallon
Current steward: Lady Cerys
Hundred: Hillfort
Garrison: 2 swordsmen, 1 archer
Other names: Tisseburi, Burial of Tiss
Size: £12, One knight’s household
Large Wooden Hall with tile roof (Furnishing, Fine carvings [3 Glory]) DV:3
Personal Kennel
Personal Blacksmith
Personal Armoury
Woodland Rights

Villages: Stump
Enhancements: Pagan Grove
Investments: (1/2) Horse Herd

Total annual income: £11
From farmland: £6
From sheep-herds: £5
From investments:
From enhancements: 0

Total annual glory gained: 15
From manor: 14
From hall decorations: 1
From furniture: 0
From treasure: 0
From enhancements: 0
From Investments: 0

Notable features

  • Tissberrie Hill, old tribal burial ground
  • Old stone circle deep in the forest (unexplored)
  • Cave (unexplored)


Tisbury is an ancient piece of land only recently formally made into manorial land. The inhabitants of the small village and hamlets keep to them selves, and try to avoid strangers. The old wooden long-house has stood where it has stood for generations, it’s quite amazing that it still stands. In 492, the old house finally started giving in and the current Lord Tisbury, Sir Cadry decided to spend much of his war plunder on building a large wooden hall to both keep his family safe and to show the world what a great man can accomplish.

The ancient hill Tisseburi is where an unnamed warrior of old is said to have lain with an elf.


Household Staff: (£2,5)
1 Kitchener £0,5
1 Huntsman £0,5
2 Maids £0,5
1 Page £0,25
2 Grooms £0,5
1 Laundress £0,25

Manorial Staff: (£5)
1 Bailiff £0,75
1 Stabler £0,75
1 Blacksmith £0,75
3 Domestics £0,75
4 Seamstresses £1
4 Laborers and Grooms £1

Raw materials: (£2,5)



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