Tintagel (county)

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Player notes: A bit distant, but Tintagel does not let Salisbury knights pass.

The Famous Duke Gorlois former county, given to him in perpituity by Uther Pendragon is torn between dangerous creatures and the skilled army of Cornwall. The land was rather rich even though much of the land was rocky and wet, but has taken some hard punches through several wars in the last decade.

The giant brothers Rock, Mock, Block, and Sock, plus their wives have taken over the famous castle of Tintagel but the almost equally strong castle of Terrabil is held by one of King Idres vassals. Most of the countryside is held by King Idres and his men, but is being constantly ravaged by the brothers from Tintagel. They are even strating to claim some of the knights in the county as their “vassals”.

Dominant lord: Sir Arthien (vassal of King Idres)
Heir: -none-
Political strength: Insignificant (1)
Military strength: Notable (3)

Regional trait:
Regional passion: Hate Giants

Tintagel (county)

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