The Treason Trial

And so, the five knights all came to Sarum on their own accord to stand trial before the king. Both duke Ulfius and the queen were present, elevated looking down as us as the villains they thought us to be. We all pleaded innocent, for whatever had happened we had only done what we thought were the king’s wishes, but none the less we had done a terrible deed, and the discussions that followed were heated.

I could see the same shame I myself felt reflected on my brothers faces, the same confusion. How could Merlin have had us kidnap the king’s newborn son? At one point the king meant that it must have been an imposter and not Merlin at all, in the next second he banned Merlin from Logres.

The queen looked at us with most utter disdain, and turned to king Uther saying: “They took my baby, I want them dead.” I have never taken a tagger to the heart, but if I ever would I am sure that it could hurt no more than those words. I knew all of us felt them, but I above the others wanted desperately to serve the queen’s wishes and so I drew my dagger and stabbed myself in the shoulder.

After that I do not remember much. I know I was on the floor, crying while being held by the king’s guard. I was told that count Roderick vouched for us, and in the end king Uther deemed us to be innocent of ill intent.

Afterwards, in the chapel, the bishop turned to us and said that new times were coming. Looking at Cadry he noted that it might become harder for the pagans, their beliefs being reflected by the actions of their arch druid, Merlin.

I cannot help to wonder what will happen to the land now that the king has been wronged in this way, for the king is the land and the land is the king.

As recorded by Melkin, lord of Hindon

The Treason Trial

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