The Tintagel Fog

The Tintagel Fog

Late one night at the siege of Terrabil, Sir Cadry was getting ready for bed when he spotted Merlin going about his business and preparing to leave the siege. The archdruid told Sir Cadry that he could stay and win glory or follow the magician and perhaps make a true difference.
Cadry gathered up his belongings and told his neighbors where he was heading and told them to come if they so wished. The only one who took him up on his offer was his little brother Sir Melkin.

The two set of with Merlin and rode through part of the knight and soon realized that their destination was the castle Tintagel. Having arrived, the two knights lost track of Merlin and wandered into the siege camp boxing in the castle. King Uther had managed to find a couple of old roman siege engineers who were managing great engines of destruction, hurling large boulders and fire towards the castle but to no avail.

The knights finally spotted Merlin once again, now at the side of king Uther. The king was highly wroth and made some sort of demand of the master magician. Merlin then proceeded to summon great winds and a chocking fog that blanketed the entire area including the castle. Merlin then appeared out of the fog close to Melkin and Cadry and told them to follow if they wanted to make a difference. Following the magician the two men ended up somewhere near a couple of large stones and out of the mist a large grown man with a hooded face appears. Merlin tells the two knights to guard his back and let no one raise the alarm.

A little while later Sir Cadry hears someone shout “The ”/characters/gorlois" class=“wiki-content-link”>Duke is here, raise the portcullis". This turns out to be a portentous event since it turns out that Duke Gorlois was slain at approximately this time outside of Castle Terrabil.

A man wanders out of the fog and is surprise to find the two knights there. Melkin stab the man but not before he manages to wound Cadry. The man takes a few steps backward and suddenly disappears, having falling over the edge of the bridge leading up to the castle.

About an hour later Merlin reappears in the company of the mysterious man in the hood and they all leave Tintagel and head back to the camp. The fog evaporates as they do so.

Both knights have dark dreams during the knight. They are both back at the bridge and out in the fog they hear a giant roar that Cadry identifies as a Dragon! Blood runs from their hand and splashes on the stones that starts to break apart.

The next day news arrive that both Prince Madoc and Duke Gorlois are dead. Both great lords’ remains are escorted to Tintagel and when Gorlois body is delivered a great shout and crying can be heard from the castle. An hour later the castle surrenders.

As chronicled by Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

The Tintagel Fog

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