The Rock

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Fortifications: Hillfort outer defenses protect settlement with inner defenses and large fortified manor, surrounded by a stone wall
Castellan: Count Roderick of the Rock
Steward: Gwyleged

On a motte in the middle of Sarum lies the Lords manor, traditionally called “the Rock”.

The Great Hall

The most prominent building in the Rock is the Great Hall. Here the Lord of the Rock holds his courts, feasts, and courts. It’s a large building of stone and wood, built to be defensible as well as impressive.

Although the hall has traditionally been decorated with a lot of roman art-work, this was changed by the last Lord. Robyn filled the hall with many new and impressive works of craft from far away lands on the continent. He liked to impress his guest with italian pottery, greek wool and germanic woodcraft.

Roderick has, since he took over his father’s castle continued his father’s tradition and gathers trophies and art from far away lands to hang on his walls. Although the manor has been rebuilt in a more modern fashion since Roderick took over, most of the manor’s interior remains the same.

The Halls most prominent features are the High table, where the Lord and his most important guests dine, and the bathtub where he likes to take hot baths with his family every week. Behind the table are two large doors which leads to the lord’s chambers. The hall is often in disarray, since there are many people living there, the servants tries to keep the manor clean from the worst of it.


The Rock

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