The Modron Bandits

The Modron Bandits

Hunting for bandits

In the summer of 488, the same year as king Uther’s campaign to Frankia, Cadry, Maelgwyn, Melkin and Gamond went hunting for the bandits that had been plaguing Hillfort for several years. They met up at Tisbury with all items and followers required to go to war in Frankia, but with plans of turning back and heading into the forest. Sir Maelgwyn had hired the service of the company of the black dogs. 25 spearmen to follow them into battle.

In Tisbury though, something had happened to two of sir Cadry’s cows. The dogs wouldn’t touch the meat and the priestess Llinos proclaimed with an ominous voice that the cows had been poisoned. As the matter was taken care of, word reached the group that two armed men were waiting at the borders of the Tisbury grounds. Our four knights went to greet these men that turned out to be prince Meliodas and sir Victus. Prince Meliodas was currently on a quest to find Modron’s heart and Cadry explained that they themselves were heading into the forest to hunt for bandits. As of such, sir Victus and Prince Meliodas decided to come with them.

Once the party seemingly left for war, the four squires Deian, Dewin, Bern and Jasper were sent out to locate the bandits hideout. Scared and a bit unwilling the four boys went on a three day journey together with a guide into Modron’s forest. The food went bad and more than once they doubted that they would ever catch up to the group that they had been following. Just before the bandits passed into a great swamp however the four squires and their guide caught up with them. The squires decided to send the guide back and pursue the bandits on their own.

Things started to go south when they came to a boat where the track split into two. While the other squires discussed what to do, Bern took a piss near a curious mushroom which suddenly cracked and a pink light flew out from it. In the end the squires split up. Dewin and Jasper were too afraid to continue, so Deian and Bern pushed on. The two squires came to a strange sign with amulets attached to it. In the ground they also discovered a rotting hand with a ring attached to it. Confused by these things they were still fixed upon finding the bandits’ camp when they spotted a floating tower in the bog. Deciding that this had to be the place where the bandits were hiding, Deian and Bern started to head back. On their journey though they were suddenly ambushed by bandits. Deian managed to get away with bleeding wounds, but Bern was shoot down and captured by the bandits.

Jasper and Dewin waited for a long time until Bern suddenly came back. Dewin sensed that something was awry and started to question Bern. Deciding that this indeed was not Bern the two squires tied the fraud up and then went to find their two friends. Eventually they got to the strange sign and Jasper found the rotting hand and took it with him. Further up the hill they were unfortunately discovered by the bandits who shot them down with their arrows.

When our four knights arrived they were met by a feverish and delirious Deian, and then they found the false Bern tied up in the middle of the path. Cadry threw the creature a piece of cold iron making sure of his suspicions. The four knights then made a deal with the shapeshifter to show them the way to the bandits in exchange for the creatures life, but it seems like the shapeshifter will remember Maelgwyn for his cruelty.

The bandits hideout turned out to be in an old settlement named Willowbranch. It was well defended and well barricaded, and so our heroes were forced to take several arrows and spear wounds before they managed to remove the barricade and could lead the way into battle. Price Meliodas entered the hideout from the other side together with Victus, making a heroic entry to the battle flanking the enemies after their swim through the murky waters.

In the camp Gamond discovered Anwyn who was fighting alongside the bandits. Her brother was strung up to be hanged and the bandits were forcing her to fight for his life. Trying with all his might to save Anwyn’s brother Gamond tried to cut the rope by throwing javelins at it, but it was too far off. Eventually the brother was saved by Maelgwyn who cut Anwyn’s brother down.

The squires and a bunch of commoners were freed, and amongst them three men and women were found with their eyes and tongues cut out. It turned out to be the cruel knight of ribs that was the true leader of the bandits.


Lost in Faerie

Having dispatched the bandits in Willowbranch, Sir Meliodas mentioned that he would set of together with Sir Victus to look for the heart of Modron that he needed to prevent a prophecy. The six knights set out together with Brangwen, for she would not leave her husband. The adventurers soon lost their way thanks to the fact that no one could properly handle the boat that they were riding around the swamp and thus they drifted. They soon lost sight of the familiar road and mist enveloped them. They started hearing unworldly singing and soon a beautiful apparition seemed to float over the water. She managed to lure Cadry into the water despite the other knights’ efforts to hold him back. Brangwen soon went after him when she realized what had happened.

The remaining five knights continued to drift through the mists until finally they found solid ground and spotted a monk moving along the shore. The monk informed them that they had arrived at the isle of Glastonbury in Summerland and when they heard the date they realized that they had been away for a month. They managed to secure horses and went home after some time spent looking and waiting for Cadry.

Cadry for his part woke up on a strange beach and a foul-tempered dwarf sat and looked at him. When asked, the dwarf grudgingly presented himself as Grim. The dwarf said that he had rescued Cadry to repay a debt that he owed Merlin. It turned out that Cadry had called upon Merlin’s favour that he had been granted two years back.

Grim informed the knight where to go to return to the lands of men. He did also mentioned that Brangwen, like Cadry, had ended up in faerie. Cadry demanded to know where she was and was told that she had been given to the princess of twilight.

After thanking the dwarf and telling him that he would always be welcome at Tisbury, Cadry set off across the dunes and into the mists. He walked for what seemed like an eternity but suddenly the mists parted and he beheld a never ending field of the most wondrous flowers he had ever beheld. Among the flowers, tiny glowing fairies were flitting about and up ahead he beheld a large stone circle in which beautiful shapes danced. He moved towards it and spotted Brangwen among the dancers. He pushed his way into the middle of the circle and there an elven courtier appeared and invited him to cast off all his worries and stay together with Brangwen. Cadry was sorely tempted but at the last second he remembered his sons and told the elf that he had to return with Brangwen. The elf called the Princess of the land and Cadry fell to his knees and begged and pleaded with the fair lady to return him and Brangwen to their sons. The princess demanded a price in exchange. She wanted Brangwen and Cadry’s oldest daughter as her own, when the girl turned into a woman. Cadry agreed after having been given the assurance that the girl would never want for anything and would be treated as if she was the princess’ own daughter.

Cadry and Brangwen thus returned to the mortal realm in the middle of Count Roderick’s winter court and it turned out that half a year had passed.

The Modron Bandits

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