The Loathly Lady

Loathly Lady

A much reduced company escorts the wagon of ladies into forest gloom from the village of Imber, where once the quartet slew the Imber Bear.

Through some ingenuity, requisitioning local hounds, the great skill of Cadry and sharp eyes of Anwyn the lady is found. She is truly horrendous, and only Cadry and Melkin can approach. She is asked several questions, and answers vaguely in exchange for articles of clothing from each questioner.

At length, she speaks her price for braking the curse to each of the ladies, and they all seemingly accept. Gamond, cursed as well, is unable to approach and dragged by his friends before the ghastly creatures’ feet. He is given the following price

“When the centremost tree of the orchard bears fruit, the fruit will be brought here, carried by the first of your bloodline. He will then share them with my offspring”.

At length, after asking several questions, Gamond reluctantly accepts. He now knows Blains is not to blame for the trouble at the feast years past. Maelgwyn in his turn sees a wonderful flower in the forest, the loathly ones’ own. In exchange for a kiss, it is his. He tries to comply, but fails, spewing all over both lady and himself. Nonetheless, he is given the flower for the attempt. The loathly lady takes Gamonds belt, discarded due to her foul touch, something she never paid for…

Cadry wisely makes sure all the ladies agreed, the dogs no longer balk at their or Gamonds presence.

Lady Ellen puts in a good word on Brangwen to Count Salisbury, and Cadry gains the right to marry her. The Cellydon at least, has found love and happiness at home. As for the Tarren, his interest, that rich maids’ kin are greatly impressed by the flower, and marriage is set with a heavy dowry. Both Cadry and Gamond are borne sons by their wives. Most of the Banners’ sons now look to perpetuate their lines, and the oath of crows.

The Loathly Lady

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