The Infamous Feast

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Player note:
The Infamous Feast is a legendary event in the history of the Pendragon. It is where King Uther Pendragon was poisoned at the victory feast of his great victory at the Battle of St Albans. Many noblemen died with the king.

The Infamous Feast

Historical description of the event according to a later Monk

And after that great battle, that they call the Battle at St Albans grave, came a great feast. For even though many men lay dead or wounded there was much cause to celebrate. The if was a Great Feast, greater than any that had been held in that hall for many generations. On the table was placed a centre-piece, which represented a green lawn, surrounded with large peacocks’ feathers and green branches, to which were tied violets and other sweet-smelling flowers. And the best wine, only fitting for a king, was served to all present.

But the wine was poisoned by vile magic and ire, and as the King and all his men drank from it they fell over their tables. And they bled from the mouth, their eyes and their ears.

Description of the Event from the point of view of the knights from Hillfort

After the Battle of St Albans, Sir Cadry and Sir Melkin are the only two knights from Hillfort fit to participate during the feast. Maelgwyn lies wounded together with duke Ulfius, and Padern is too fresh a knight to be seated in the feast hall.

As the festivities carries on, king Uther seems to be his old self again. All are drinking heartily, all except sir Cadry. Maybe it was from grief over his dead friends, maybe it was pure suspicion, but Cadry finds a red barrel in the kitchen reminding him of how the hillmen’s king was poisoned the year before. He witnesses a man throwing himself to his death out of the window, and when he enters the feast hall again, all are dead or dying.

King Uther, count Roderick and lord Elad all lie slumped over the high table. Sir Melkin is lying in the harpist Airla’s arms gasping for air. They both die as Cady watches unable to help either of them from the poisoning.

The Treachery

Somewhere late during the feast, the doors were closed to the great Hall and a hooded figure ran from the hall. Screams could be heard from inside the hall as the many noblemen screamed out in horror when they died.

The King fell over his table, gasping for breath. His face turning yellow and bleeding from his eyes. All around him men and women fell to their death screaming.

The Death of Airla and the Prophecy of Dawn

The Famous Harpist Airla, who has spun so many great poems and songs, died in agony grasping Sir Melkin. And she uttered the words of a song from her heart.

Ask not the sun why she sets
Why she shrouds her light away
Or why she hides her glowing gaze
When night turns crimson gold to grey

For silent falls the guilty sun
As day to dark does turn
One simple truth she dare not speak:
Her light can only blind and burn

No mercy for the guilty
Bring down their lying sun
Blood so silver black by night
Upon their faces pale white

Cruel moon, bring the end
The dawn will never rise again.

Dies during the event:

The Infamous Feast

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