The Imber Bear

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garr.jpgThere was a large bear wandering the borders of Blakemoor wood, usually around the old village of Imber. The village was a bit of from local protection of a vassal, and it fell upon the lord of Vagon to protect the area.

Some say the bear was a hundred years old, others that it’s young but just mutated by the magic of the forest.

Rumour has it, that wolves plagued the forests in the area many years ago, but that the Imber Bear chased them off. The locals have been patient with the bear for this very reason, one bear was better than a flock of wolves. But lately trouble had been brewing… the locals had been complaining that he’d grown bold and was slaughtering local cattle.

The bear was slain in 480 during The Adventure of The Imber Bear.

The Imber Bear

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