The First Call of the Crow

The First Call of the Crow

The Adventure of the Sword Lake

In the spring of 486 our knights found themselves following a crow into the stone circle close to Tisbury. While entering the stone circle visions came pouring into the minds of the young knights. Tunnels with and without lights, memories from the night when their fathers had died were such visions.

A lady with dark hair and dark eyes greeted them in the stone circle. The favor she asked them seemed simple. Cadry, Gamond, Maelgwyn and Melkin had to travel into the north of Salisbury and help a man who had lost his goat. She asked them to give their blood to her, which she gathered in a chalice. They then left, a bit perplexed, with their new mission before them.

Before setting out on their quest the four knights were gathered at count Roderick’s court, and found that, surprisingly enough, prince Madoc was present at this meeting. They were informed that duke Lucius and his bodyguard Maris de Revel had been killed by a saxon ambush. Prince Madoc was currently gathering able knights for raiding into Caercolun. Prince Madoc also claimed that the franks would soon conquer Soissonts.

Being already bound by an oath and a promise Cadry, Maelgwyn, Gamond and Melkin declined from following prince Madoc into battle. Especially Melkin had a hard time choosing the oath of crows over his count’s wishes feeling that his oath to his lord was weighing as heavily.

Instead of following the prince into glorious battle the four knights set off to find the man with the goat. They encountered him close to the border of Summerland sitting below a great oak complaining about the fact that his goat had run of. The knights followed the goat into the forest and was just about to capture it when a small, three-eyed giant stepped out in front of them and grabbed the goat.

A hefty battle then took place. Gamond was holding his distance to the giant only throwing javelins when having a clear sight of the ogre-like man. Maelgwyn managed to avoid being struck, but Melkin was thrown out of his saddle as the giant struck him with a small tree. Cadry would have been thrown as well hadn’t Maelgwyn finished off the tall creature just in time.

The old man then reappeared, chuckling to himself and then dropped his glamour. Of course it was the wily old wizard Merlin. He congratulated the knights and then told them to follow him on a quest deeper into the forest. After having travelled a short while, Merlin told the knights to leave both horses and squires behind. The landscape turned foggy and the knights lost track of how far they had travelled. After a while the company arrived at a lake in the middle of the forest. Merlin proceeded towards a small skiff by the shore and shouted to the knights that they should protect him. Having just uttered these words a nuckelavee came charging out of the water and as the knights interposed themselves between the monster and Merlin, the monster grew an additional set of arms and attacked the knights.

After a tough fight the nuckelavee was finally defeated but it turned out that both Maelgwyn and Gamond had been poisoned by its blades. Meanwhile Merlin had traveled to the middle of the lake and had intoned a spell in some strange language and when he finished a woman’s arm holding a magnificent sword rose out of the water. It felt like the sun had suddenly appeared above lake and hope filled the young men’s hearts. The lady then gave the sword to Merlin and withdrew back into the waters below.

Merlin returned to the shore and told the knights that they must leave. Walking away, Cadry looked back and saw the strange lady from the stone circle arrive at the shore where the monster had been slain. She seemed to pick up something from the slimy remains and revel in it.

Having left the lake behind, Merlin told of an antidote that could save the life of Maelgwyn and Gamond. The archdruid then brought forth a ring made of jade and broke it into four pieces and gave one to each knight and told them that once they could call upon his aid and he would come.

Back home

Back in Saurum lady Ellen treated Gamond and Maelgwyn and eventually they regained their strength. Once they had recovered the four knights told count Roderick about the adventure. Roderick was delighted and a feast was held in honour of our four knights.

During the feast a course strangely turned black on our heroes’ plates. An omen that they did not understand. Suddenly Rhodri, Gamond’s older brother, stumbled into the hall. He was bleeding from his eyes and whispered the following words to Gamond: “She promised vengeance. She came”.

As chronicled by Sister Elaine and Brother Phillipos of Ambrius Abbey

The First Call of the Crow

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