The Embassy to Estragales

The Embassy to Estragales

In the year of 494 count Roderick calls upon our heroes to assist him in a political matter. As they arrive at Sarum, the bandits of Modron’s forest are all being hanged. As Anwyn’s brother is called up to the gallows, Gamond steps forward to champion the man’s cause through trial by combat.

Even sir Maelgwyn, who earlier that day has proclaimed his distaste for hangings during easter, comes back to watch his brother fight the sheriff’s man. The duel ends up in Gamond’s favour and thus he finally fulfills his promise to Anwyn to keep her brother safe.

Count Roderick later that evening requests the four knights sir Maelgwyn, sir Cadry, sir Gamond and sir Melkin to go to Estrageles to negotiate an alliance with king Canan of the hill tribes.

As of such they saddle their horses and ride off north. On their way to Estrageles they pass through Glevum and meet duke Eldol who has finally begun to succumb to his old age. His grandson sir Heli and great grandson sir Chalains accompany them on their journey. Heli appears to be more friendly towards our four knights than Chalains, and it seems like Chalains and Heli will be fighting over the heritage of duke Eldol soon.

The party also makes another stop on their way to the southern Gales. As they pass through Carlion they stop by the court to pay their respects. A knight, Alain, that our four knights had met before joins up with them and help escorting the party to Estrageles.

Arriving at Pembroke Castle our four knights pay their respect to king Canan. Sir Gamond is to taken by the knights in the training grounds and completely forgets himself in front of the king, something that he later that evening apologises for by graveling for the king.

During their visit the knights tries to make good contact with the men around the king. They meet the two sons of king Canan, the oldest Dirac and the younger Lac. They also come to know one of the loyal warriors of the king named Orcas. Especially while going hunting for mountain goats.

The task is harder than it first seems, and the goats have a pretty fierce bites that some of the knights gets to experience. In the end Melkin manages to kill a goat after being bitten in the hand. During their hunt a chieftain bargains with them to do a horse race in the mountain. The knights take this bargain all falling off their horses in matter of minutes due to the harsh path. Sir Cadry almost tumbles of a cliff and Gamond manages to pull him up from the edge in the last moment.

When they come back to Pembroke Castle after the hunt, the king has been called away. Heli, Chaleins and Alain decides to go back to their homes while our four knights continues their travels.

On their way to Tedby, Cadry is held up by some hill men who claim that they have met his uncle Corwyn while the old man was hunting for Glatisant.

Reaching Tedby sir Maelgwyn, sir, Cadry, sir Gamond and sir Melkin are invited to the king’s feast, and king Canan promises that he will lend his alliances to king Uther in the coming fight against the saxons. All seems to have gone our heroes way when the king suddenly turns red and suffocated due to poisoning.

Orcas accuses Dirac of having poisoned king Canan, but Cadry sees through the charades and defends Dirac in a duel against said knight and kills him. It becomes clear however that the hill tribes will not support Dirac as they supported king Canan and thus it suddenly becomes very urgent to leave Estragales. However, Cadry and Melkin have found out that this is the place of Merlin’s birth and so they insist on going looking for clues as of Merlin’s whereabouts.

While they are guided through the church where Merlin was baptised, and an old oak that is said to be a spot where you always can talk to Merlin, Melkin’s squire reveals that Orcas asked him to go and get the wine for king Canan that later killed the king. The wine was taken from a red barrel in the kitchen.

Below the oak Melkin takes a few moments to talk about his continous loyalty and trust for Merlin, not sure if Merlin actually can hear him. When he has finished the crow in the tree suddenly speaks: “And so, it is done.” and flies off.

They are then attacked by hill men who know have no loyalties that bind them from attacking our heroes. Melkin suffers a grave wound and our knights fight their way out with Melkin’s life balancing on the edge between life and death.

As recited by sister Eleine of Ambrious Abbey

The Embassy to Estragales

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