The Coming Dawn

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The Coming Dawn

Player note: The Coming dawn was the night when your ancestors made the blood pact with the lady of crows, which both saved your bloodlines and pledged their services to the lady.

It happened after the Night of the long knives where four hundred lords were murdered at the hand of Hengist’s saxon warriors. After the killing had subsided a servant of the lady of crows walked through the piles of slain men and turned towards the dead bodies of Cadwallon, Ceiwyn, Bryn and Edern. With strong and powerful magic she blew into them their life once again for she had a proposal from her mistress. She said: ‘Until dawn you shall breathe, for you seek to save and avenge your families. As payment for this gift to you, your descendents will serve my mistress and so she will call upon them seven times to do her bidding.’

The bannermen accepted the proposal and swore an oath in blood:

By the salt of blood and brine
I pledge this bloodline to the Stone.
From this day forth we shall be true and faithful.
Seven times she will call our line.
Seven times we will answer.
In the name of the Lady and all her Crows
I bind my blood to service

And so they were granted immortal bodies until the sunrise. None would strike them down until the first light of sun shone down on the land, and as long as their hearts were true, so would their blades.

Through the night their horses flew, and none could stand in their way of reaching Hillfort. There they found the first slain members of their families and followed the trail of blood into the forest of gloom crushing all ill willing Saxons in their way.

In the forest they found their living heirs. Cadry, shielded by blood and runes, Melkin and Gammond safeguarded by earth and roots and Maelgwyn hidden by stone and darkness.

They gathered all children and women in the cave, for they knew it was the only place they could protect until the sun rose in the sky. The Saxons would charge them recklessly, fighting vigorously with nothing but bloodlust in their eyes. Even so, none would pass the bannermen’s line of defense, for they were brothers fighting both time and enemy, and their hearts were true. In the end the Saxons could not hurt them, their swords could not draw blood even when they struck true, and so they fell one after the other until none were left standing but the bannermen themselves.

As the last saxon warrior was struck down the sun rose. Cadwallon, Ceiwyn, Bryn and Edern joined hands a last time, laughing at the wonders that had been bestowed upon them, and that is the end of the tale of the bannermen.

The Coming Dawn

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