The Cloak of St George

Codex Britannia, All Artifacts

This artifact contains three strings from the original cloak of saint George.

Saint George was a Roman soldier born in the late 3rd century A.D. He is considered the most prominent military saint among the Fourteen Holy Helpers. His greatest deed is having saved a princess from a plauge-bearing dragon. He was beheaded for failing to recant his Christian faith and sainted because of this valorous deed.

The artifact gives its owner several enhanced abilities and is said to protect the owner in battle.

In game terms: The player gains +2 to liege lord, +2 to spiritual and +1 to armour. If damage is taken while the cloak is being used in battle, the player has to roll a d20 in the end of the session. On a roll on 1-5 one of the strings is broken and the cloak loses one of its abilities.


The artifact came into eques Ennis’ possession as a gift from his liege lord in Hantonne.

Current owner: Eques Ennis

Current location: In eques Ennis’ traveling gear


The Cloak of St George

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