The Battle of St Albans

Year: 495
Commander: King Uther Pendragon
Location: St Albans, Logres
Opponent: Cyning Octa of Nohaut, Cyning Eosa “the Giant”
Outcome: Decisive victory
Length of battle: 8 rounds
Battle size: Large


A bloody battle transpires, where our knights manage to avoid being overpowered by the brutal saxon forces. As they see count Roderick being pulled from his saddle and the king’s party being flanked by a murderous force they ride in to assist them. Sir Gamond makes a stand against Eosa defending count Roderick’s life. The giant and the colossos fight fiercely until Eosa strikes Gamond in the shoulder and Gamond heroically falls bleeding to his death in the midst of battle.

Have been given a moment of respite King Uther gathers himself and the army strikes back against the saxons pushing it back. The dragon banner still stands, Excalibur shines again and both Octa and Eosa falls as the day is won.

The Battle of St Albans

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