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The Tarren is a proud family that has served the lords of the Rock for many generations, but have only recently been given lands of their own. They are known as loyal, strong and brave.

Recently, Irish blood came into the family, and luck has fallen upon it. They were granted lands of their own.

Heads of family

  • unknown-395 Adeon
  • 395-445 Aed
  • 439-463 Ceiwyn
  • 463-483 ?
  • 483-present Maelgwyn

Noteworthy members

  • Agenor, the shield of Sarum (rumoured ancestor)
  • Adeon
  • Agathon, the first Christian Tarren
  • Aed, the Aegis of the Hill
  • Ceiwyn, who gave the family it’s lands

Family tree

Family tree

Family traits

Family trait: (men)
+5 Awareness
Always watchful, always faithful.

Women’s gift: (women)
+5 First aid, +5 Chirurgery
Tarren women have always had a talent for aiding the sick and wounded.

Fealty (lord): +1
We serve our lord, or we are nothing.

Distinctive feature:
Dark red hair

Traits: (men)
Prudent +1
It is not for noble men to be rash and reckless.

Traits: (women)
Spiritual +1
Tarren women have always been close to God.

Traits: (both)
Just +1
There is a right, and there is a wrong. Find out the right, and act.

Cruel +1
Do not spare the rod.

+1 STR
Tarren are stronger than they look.


The Tarren has been in the service of the local lords in Salisbury for many generations, as warriors, guards and fighters. But only recently they were given lands by the lord of Sarum the Rock, to guards and hold in his stead. They are firm believers that the family on Sarum the Rock is descendants to Brutus the Trojan himself, who gave his name to Britain. And they believe that serving him, is serving the island. Many in the family even say that they are descendants from the bodyguards that Salis himself brought with him from Troy when he took the land. No-one really knows.

Roman period

Nothing much has changed in the family, for the many generations they have served. They have lived in the manors, houses and castles of their lords and has been ever watchful and loyal. The family stayed much the same through the ages.

Ceiwyn rules the family

Some say that the first time the family changed, was when Aed married Irish-woman with flaming red hair. Their son, Ceiwyn, was passionate and strong. He was willing to die for his family and for his lord. And the lord of Sarum the Rock saw this strength in him and took him with him to the battles in the north. In the Battle of Carlion the young man fought with great bravery and the Lord of the Rock gave him land of his own, for his family to rule in perpetuity.


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