Summerland is a kingdom south of the Severn Sea. It has extensive marshy lands that provide protection to the people, who know where to hide in its foreboding, faerie-ridden expanse. As a result, the land keeps its independence.

Notable lords and knights

King Cadwy of Summerland

Notable locations

The oldest Christian site on the island, settled by Joseph of Arimathea when he came here with the Holy Grail shortly after the death of Jesus. It is now the site of a monastery. This is a small island amidst marshes. Coming across the hidden walkways, one enters an ancient Christian monastic community. The Lady Chapel is the oldest Christian building in Britain, built by Joseph of Arimathea when he came here. Chalice Well is an ancient healing well. The Tor is a hill, shaped into a maze in ancient days—that maze shape is the pattern cut upon its sides.

Bath is the country’s capital and is still very much a roman town built around the supposedly magical springs . While the city has many churches it also has many pagan temples to the water gods.

Largest town in the kingdom.

Ynys Avalon
A magical isle of the Ladies of the Lake, a pagan sisterhood. No one knows where it can be reached,


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