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Player notes: Although they have begun opening possibilities of working together they are still very weary.

The Duchy of Silchester is probably the most powerfull part of Logres. It is a prosperous Romanized land with a strong army. It has a lot of influence over its former vassal, the County of Hantonne. It is ruled by Duke Ulfius, one of the few survivors of the Infamous Feast.

Duke Ulfius is known to have MANY children, and some of them are even known to be legitimate. His eldest son Uffo, is an arrogant and spoiled young boy. The former marschal of Logres commands a large army of loyal and skilled knights and military commanders. But the Duke is a man usually focused on defense, but had he gone on the offensive few would be able to stand against him. Or so he says.


  • Silchester (city): The capital city of the duchy and a stop along the Royal Road. Silchester is also the seat of one of the legates of the Supreme Collegium
  • Campactorentin Woods: A forest separating Silchester and Marlboro from Somerset and Clarence.
  • Donnington: A city with along the Royal Road, located in Silchester County. Protected by a castle.
  • Levcomagus: This wealthy but unwalled city is an important stop along the Royal Road on the border of Silchester and Salisbury. It has no castle. It’s steward is Sir Rhisiart Blaines.
  • Thames River: The greatest of the “Three Great Rivers of Britain,” the Thames begins somewhere in the Forest Sauvage and flows out near the city of Oxford. It flows south and then winds and loops more or less eastward through Silchester, Windsor, and London counties, and then empties into the British Sea. Boats can navigate as far as Oxford, making it a major thoroughfare for commerce.

Dominant lord: Duke Ulfius
Heir: Uffo
Political strength: Dominant (7)
Military strength: Leading (7)

Regional trait: Suspicious of Salisbury
Regional passion: Hate Saxons


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