Siege of Terrabil

Year: 490
Commander: King Uther
Location: Terrabil, Cornwall
Opponent: Duke Gorlois of Cornwall
Outcome: Victory
Length of battle: 8 rounds
Battle size: Medium


During late spring and early summer in the year of 491 King Uther Pendragon layed siege to Castle Terrabil in Cornwall. After some time of hard seige, King Uther broke of with parts of his army and departs for Tintagel. There is much confusion, since people are not certain if Uther is still in Terrabil or if he left for Tintagel. In reality, Prince Madoc is left in control of the army besieging Terrabil.

The siege at both castles was long, but neither Uther nor his son showed any sign of being willing to surrender. On one morning, Merlin the Magician held a private conference with Prince Madoc, and then rode of to reconvene with Uther. That night, as the knights slumbered, the Cornish forces fell upon the Logres camp by surprise, and began attacking with many of the knights asleep. The knights are woken up in the middle of the night, but takes time getting armor and horses. After the first moments of chaos the knights manages to put up a defense and begins a counter-attack.

A few knights from Hillfort, lead by Maelgwyn the Bulwark, suspected danger fought their way towards Prince Madoc. Unfortunately they come to late. They witnessed Prince Madoc being killed by the impassioned Duke. But as the raging Duke tried to loosen the Prince’s head from his sword, on which it had stuck, Sir Maelgwyn and Sir Gamond managed to fight their way to Gorlois. Before his bodyguards managed to react, they strike down the Duke who is unable to defend himself.

After Duke Gorlois is killed, the Cornish troops rout and tries to hide in the castle. But the Logres knights fueld by vengence, follow them and manages to take the castle.

Siege of Terrabil

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