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Salisbury is a county of Logres and the home county of this campaign. Salisbury consists of the ancestral holdings of the Count of Salisbury. It roughly corresponds to modern day Wiltshire, though Wiltshire has many areas from surrounding medieval counties incorporated into it. One thing to bear in mind is that, even at peace, the borders are not distinct as they are in the present so places just outside Salisbury (though never settlements or manors) may sometimes be inside.

The fief consists primarily of the ancient town of Sarum and the large land area on Salisbury Plain around it. The fief is composed of good farm- and sheepland, and provides other good forms of income such as fisheries and toll bridges. In addition, it is one of the most densely populated areas in Logres which means a proportional increase in harvest income and (later) scutage duties.

The county includes one large town, Sarum, and four market-towns Floodriver, Magpie, Streamfield and Wereside. Many smaller villages and hovels are not shown on maps but tend to cluster in river valleys within trading distance of the main cities. The county also has six castles.

Travel in Salisbury

Hundreds of Salisbury

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Castles and fortifications

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Notable locations

Stonehenge, Ancient Druidic Site
Ambrius’ Abbey, royaly founded abbey
Ambrosius’ Dike, defence against saxon raids from the north
Floodriver (town)
Magpie (town)
Streamfield (town)
Wereside (town)


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