Suth Seaxe (Regnensis)

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Suth Seaxe

Player notes: Ælle is being egged on by his newest advisor, Sæxwolf the Destroyer, Son of Sigeberht. Relations with Suth Seaxe are quickly deteriorating.

Suth Seaxe is a very rich and profitable land and home to vast timber reserves. It was formerly a county of Logres named Regnensis and a former Roman colony of great worth to the Roman Empire. After the invasion of Saxons the former county has been devastated and most of the British inhabitants have been sacrificed to Wotan by the religious Ælle.

The land is ruled by the ruthless King Ælle and his loyal warlords from Juteland and Saxony. He is always ambitious and is working towards plans of taking several of the surrounding lands and counties. He has a fierce rivalry with King Cerdic, whom he thinks has betrayed his Saxon heritage with the weaker British ways, a half-breed in Aelles on words.

Also known as: Suth Seaxe

Dominant lord: King Ælle
Heir: -
Political strength: Noteworthy (3)
Military strength: Leading (7)

Regional trait: Suspicious of West Seaxe
Regional passion: Hate Britons


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