Prisoner of Courtesy

Prisoner of Courtesy

The crow boys are invited to Uthers Christmas court in Londinum, there to rub elbows with the high and mighty of the land.

The city is big, dirty and confusing, much shopping and seightseeing is done. Central stones from which all roads diverge, strange keeps the likes of which can no longer be built and wonderous markets. As a pickpocket tries to steal from Cadry the rustic visitors prepare to mete out backwoods justice on the spot, but are stopped as representatives of the Citys Roman ruling council intervene.

The court itself is grand, and the three principal gossips of the land are busy indeed. Among other things, it seemd Uther spends much time with Gorlois and Igraine, and is keeping them at court well beyond what is strictly proper.

After much feasting, the crow boys stumble upon a party of knights and a veiled lady leaving late at night in all secrecy. They try to intervene, but is foiled, and the mysterious lady calls a vast snowstorm to confuse pursuit.

Gorlois and Igraine has fled the court and the kings affections, and the king is furious, losing his mind and screaming in rage. The storm, also, rages across the lands throwing Britain into turmoil.

War looms, and the strength of Logres turns upon itself.

Prisoner of Courtesy

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