Ol' Tiss


Tiss.pngThe Old Man under Tisseburi hill has since time immemorial been a being both revered and feared by the people near the hill. He is said to guard a passage underneath the hill that leads to the afterlife or the Other side or maybe both.

Described as a warrior of old, he is said to carry arms and armor resembling those carried by the cymric tribes before the arrival of the romans. Many also claim that his skin resembles the forest itself with hues of green, brown, grey and orange mixed with each other. Legends claim that when he comes to exact vengeance for some manner of slight or grievance, he instead dons the cast of one of the dead and thus turns bone white and his eyesockets are empty.


A number of odd customs are associated with this gods followers.
- When a man goes to war outside the homelands he must leave some personal memento by the foot of the stone statue in order for Ol’Tiss to be able to find his descendants if they fall far away from the where the rest of the family rests. In case of the warriors demise and his family being unable to recover his body, the memento is laid to rest in his grave instead carrying his spirit to the afterlife.
-When a table is set in Cellydon household, a spot is always left empty to leave room for the ancestor god. It si said that he wanders down from his hill from time to time and his wrath will be great if he doesn’t find the food and drink that is his right at the table. Some find this strange since no one has ever claimed to see him, but what they do not understand is that the gods can walk without mortal shape yet can still be present in the mortal lands.
- In order for the family line to continue, the lord of the Cellydon line is expected to bring his wife with him up on the hill during the Beltaine feast and there have intercourse with her to reaffirm their bond to their ancestors. It is said that a child conceived during this night is especially blessed and will face a great destiny (which is something that one should be careful in wishing for, because the gods are often capricious).


The Cellydon family claims that OlĀ“Tiss is an ancestor on their maternal side, since he is supposedly the father of the elven woman who gave birth to the originator of the Cellydon line.

Ol' Tiss

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