Blazon: Argent, a swaying snake Azure in pale swallowing a child Carnation. Moraine

Moraine is a house with roots back to the Belgae tribes of Salisbury. Like many other families in Salisbury it has it’s roots in tribal warriors gaining prestige and glory after defeating Niall at the Battle of Carlion in ancient times.

Although most of the family lived as burghers in Sarum in those days, they now live well in and around Hillfort.

Heads of family

Noteworthy members

As of yet, none.

Family tree

Family tree

Family traits

Distinctive Feature:
Steel grey eyes

Men’s trait:
Recognize +5
Morain men always had a knack for remembering people’s faces, maybe after living in Sarum for so long.

Women’s gift:
+5 Fashion
Morain women dress better than simple farmers, and make sure the men keep up too!

Hate Saxons: +1
The Moraine family took the horrors of the Night of Long Knives worse than most.

Traits: (men)
Trusting +1
Morain men always believed that your word is important.

Traits: (women)
Forgiving +1
Moraine women tend to leave their men a certain… leeway. At least, more than most.

Traits: (both)
Indulgent +1
Good food and wine should never be denied! It’s simply bad manners.

+1 APP
You always need to keep yourself at your best!


The Morain family, like many others of it’s time, found it’s fortune in the prosperous town of Sarum. Ancient warriors of the tribe fought both against, and later for, the Romans. Several warriors of old got names and fortunes, and they managed to live quite well on the loot they received. The house soon settled in Sarum as Burghers and traders.

Until a young warrior decided to again pick up the warrior sword and find fortune fighting the Irish.

Roman period

During the Roman occupation house Moraine stuck to Sarum as traders and burghers. Since the house had big fortunes from their days as looting warriors they had enough money to both pay of tribute to the local romans and earn a pretty penny by themselves.

Gwarddur rules the family

One of those that stood by Constantin to protect Britain was the barbarians led by a certain Gwarddur, Moraines current family elder. He swore Constantin loyalty in 431, and served him until Constantine was murdered in 440. As a reward for his loyalty in combat in Battle of Carlion he was given his old families lands under the local warlord Rudderch . Most of the family moved out to the new farms and tried to fit into their new lives, but some stayed in Sarum.

Morlais rules the family

I 451 Morlais assumed lordship over Swallowcliff manor and took control of the family as his father died in the famous Battle of Chalons. He ruled the manor with careful consideration and made sure that he took well hand of his fathers realm. He was proud of his fathers accomplishments, but never forgot where the family came from. He was a proud Belgae tribesman to the end of his days.

Tudwall rules the family

Morlais died at the hand of the Saxons at the Night of Long Knives. He was succeeded by his much younger brother Tudwall. But in reality, a son of Morlais had survived and was shipped of in secret to be raised in Brittany.

Uther period

Tudwall rules the family

During Uthers early years, the family was still controlled by Tudwal. He took well care of the manor, but was known to be both secretive and careful. Many believed he usurped the manor and had no right to it. He presented official looking papers to the lord in 485, but these were proven to be false when Sir Morcant returend from his exile in Britanny.

Morcant rules the family.

The last years of Uthers reign, Sir Morcant was head of the family. A feud brewed with the Bishop of Venta. Two men of Moraine’s lineage was killed. Sir Morcant was killed before he could get revenge or compensation.

Anarchy period

Some dude rules the family


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