Map of Roman Britain


Roman Britain had five provincial vicars. under the dio­cese vicar at Londinium. They ruled the Roman cities directly, and ruled the British civitases through puppet kings. With Rome’s collapse. the vicars flee and the civitases gain power, eventually becoming Cyrmric kingdoms. Outside the five provinces were the wild Picts and Irish, and the allied kingdom of Armorica.

Southeast (Maxima Caesariensis; capital at Londinium)

This seat of the diocese had few villas. Its civitases were peasants, producing food and metals for the Roman army; Its townsfolk were bureaucrats. It was raided by barbarians, the Cantiacii, Regnenses. Iceni, and Belgae civitases were all but destroyed, while the Trinovantes flee into Londinium and Atrebates territory. The Atrebates held off the invaders, forming the kingdom of Silchester.

Southwest (Britannia Prima: capital at Corinium)

Dotted with villas. much of this land was under private or tribal ownership. Its decadent magnates made commercial Corinium their capital instead of military Glevurn (also ruled by Vortigern through hwas cousin, Comes Vitalis, who was replaced around 450 by the Comes Eldol).

Southwesterners supported Vortigern. They didn’t mind if Saxons plunder the bureaucratic southeast. They feared the Irish, whom Vortigern effectively counters.

Further west, the more tribal and warlike Cambrians have “looked to their own defenses” since Magnus Maximus. Vortigern, Dux of the Silures, settles outsiders here amongst the rival Ordovices and Dumnonii: they conquer or eject the Irish. He was the best war-leader in Britain, yet inferior to generals like Hengest.

Midlands (Flavia Caesariensis; capital at Lindum)

The Romans kept soldiers here, creating a reserve force mid­way between their Pict and Saxon enemies. The departure of the Legions, and the intrusion of Iceni refugees into Coritani and Catuvellauni lands, has reduced this province to warring factions.

Northeast (Britannia Secunda; capital at Eburacum)

A tough frontier province of Roman soldiers, wild Brigante hill tribes, and Eburacum’s merchants, who trade with peoples beyond the Empire. Vortigern finds it so politically unimportant that he steals the lands of its most loyal civitas, the Parisi.

Northwest (Valentia; capital at Luguvallium)

This region seceded from Rome during the Barbarian Conspiracy. Theodosius recognized it as a fifth province, which lasted just forty years. Yet “Valentia” remains a land apart during the fifth century.

Map of Roman Britain

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