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Britain in the age of the Pendragons

The Oath of Crows takes place in the fictional Britain of the legendary Pendragon family. We get to follow the adventures of four families as they try to take their place in the story. Logres (also Logris or Loegria) is the name of the Pendragon’s realm in the Oath of Crows. It derives from the Welsh word Lloegr, a name of uncertain origin meaning “England”. The story takes place in Hillfort hundred, in the county of Salisbury.

The House of Pendragon

The most important family in the campaign is the Pendragon house. Founded by Constantine and tied into the destiny of Britain. The family is the natural heirs to the rule the Kingdom of Logres, and even the entire island of Britain. The former king of Logres is King Uther. The country is now in Anarchy and now king rules the land.

The Houses of the Crows

The houses of Crows are five families tightly tied together by destiny and the ancient Oath of Crows sworn by their ancestors. They are sworn to stand together, be true to themselves and serve interests other than their own.

By the Winter Fire

Every winter the King and his Lords hold winter court. It is a place where women gossip about the years events, and where men talk politics, war and lambast about each other’s greatness.

Noteworthy events

From the ancient times and legends of old, to modern battles and adventures. Here are some important events that takes place throught history.

The History of Britain

Britain has a long history of glorious and noteworthy events, and our houses knights take place in many of them. You can also visit the years page, to revisit old front pages.

Enchanted Britain

An integral part of Britain is the enchantment that seeps through the earth of the land. Apart from the normal flora and fauna, many different kinds of monsters and creatures live in the forests and swamps.

Religions in Britain

Faith is an important part of the daily life of almost everyone in Britain throughout history. Although christianity is the prevalent faith, many versions of His faith and other gods are worshipped.

Gears and Equipment

In old days, a knight was only a man with a horse and armor, but since then times have changed. Nonetheless, armor, weapons and horses remain the most important part of any knight’s life. He tries his best to take care of them, and to get new when needed.

The life of a knight

The heroes of our story are knights, by right bestowed upon them by their lords, they serve their country, their lord and their king. They are sworn to protect, kill, obey and serve.

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Here are listed articles, texts and things that has no other obvious place in the wiki.

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