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Player notes: They are to distant to keep any real relation to you.

Lambor is an old northern county of Logres, known for its good ale and bussomed females. It is ruled by Sir Edar who is an honest man with a little too much fondness for drink. He likes to call himself ‘The Baron of Lambor’, even though there is no such title.

His family has an old feud with Linden and an unhealthy mistrust of Bedegraine, even though they both has taken a backside during the hard times of anarchy. Much of Lambor is forest and wilderness. The rural folk are Cymric Christians as are the city folk.

Dominant lord: Sir Edar
Heir: Ennid
Political strength: Negligible (2)
Military strength: Effective (4)

Regional trait: Suspicious of Bedegraine
Regional passion: Hate Linden


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