Knighting of the Crow Boys


During the autumn, Count Roderick had decided that some of the squires in Salisbury were to be knighted. He had thus called Cadry, Gamond, Maelgwyn and Melkin among others for an interview. Since this might very well be the biggest moment in the life of aspiring knights-to-be all their relatives who were able had traveled to Sarum for the ceremony. The christians among the squires decided to hold a vigil before the knighting and to contemplate their coming lives as knights. The lone pagan among them instead went to the temple and made a great sacrifice of his fathers expensive (2£) wolf cloak to Beli Lugh to give him strength and so that the god would speak on his behalf.

Before the interview could proceed however the lord sheriff Bedwar showed up. He demanded to speak with the four young men on a matter concerning a prisoner that had been kept imprisoned since the year 460. It turned out to be Sewel, the former steward of du Plain. He was released and left in keeping of Maelgwyn.

During the interviews the boys did their best to answer honestly to the different questions that were given to them and afterwards they were sent out to await their lords decision. While waiting, a rider carrying the mark of the king arrived. He told his squire to unwrap a package and inside was an old shield carrying the mark of Cadwallon.

Being called before Count Roderick the sons of the bannermen were knighted and it turned out that the messenger from king Uther had brought a gift from the king himself. He reaffirmed the right for the young knights to carry their family devices just as their fathers had been given that right by High king Constantin. The young knights were also given the right to inherit their family lands as soon as they could pay the king’s tax. Gamond and Melkin had the finances to pay the tax and thus claimed their titles as vassal knights.

As chronicled by Sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

Knighting of the Crow Boys

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