King Uther's Marriage

King Uther's Marriage

The marriage of King Uther and soon to be Queen Ygraine is celebrated at Tintagel Castle. Men and women from near and far arrives more splendent than the next. Even Kings from the north of Britain have arrived. Among them is spotted King Lot of Lothian, King Uriens of Gorre and King Nentres of Garlot.

Other individuals of note are Queen Ygraine’s daughters Morgause, Elaine and Morgan. The two older of the daughters are of a marriageable age and a lot of speculation surrounds who they will be betrothed with.

Elaborate and expensive gifts have been brought to gift to the newly weds and some lords are rumored to have almost bankrupted themselves to gain favor with King Uther. The king and queen in return handed out sumptuous gifts to show their largess.

The more perceptive of knights manage to notice that the queens belly already shows signs of growing round.

The knights from Salisbury ended up at a table together with a certain Sir Alein who was beholden to King Nanteleod. Sir Alein is well versed in who is who and knows quite a bit of gossip about what is happening a court. The knights partook of the feast and the splendor to varying degrees.

Late during the evening the knights observed Airla the harpist playing an old song before the queen. The song carried sad connotations since it was the one performed by maid Adwen at the night of long knives before the treachery of the saxons.

While listening to the beautiful song the knights noticed a crow flying into the garden and settling down on a chair. It met the gaze of the knights and then proceeded to speak to them and told them that the lady of crows would summon them for the second time next year.

Before leaving Tintagel for the journey home, Gamond and Maelgwyn fought a duel with rebated weapons. The issue was in regards to wether Gamond should marry again or not. Maelgwyn offered up that he would help persuade Count Roderick that Gamond wouldn’t have to marry again. If Maelgwyn won, Gamond would consent to marry again. The fight turned bloody when Gamond almost killed Maelgwyn and then stole the enchanted heirloom Tarren belt from him. Thus a bloodfeud was almost started between the Tarrens and the Anarawds.

As chronicled by Brother Philippos

King Uther's Marriage

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