Imber Bear

The Adventure of the Imber Bear

In the year of 480 the sons of the bannermen who at the time were serving as squires, were given a task by their lords. There had been a rumour about a man-eating bear sighted close to the village of Imber. Cadry, Content Not Found: gammond, Maelgwyn and Melkin were sent to investigate the potential bear and slay it if it could be found.

The squires sought out the village teacher by the name of Garr who told them that there was indeed a bear and that it had been killing both men and cattle. They also briefly talked to an old pagan woman that informed them that the leady of cows Damona was upset with the slaying of her children.

With the aid of old Garr the young men ventured forth into the forest and there found tracks left by an enormous bear. Since night was approaching the squires decided to withdraw to the village.

During the night while everyone was sleeping a woman had been taken by the beast leaving a trail of blood leading into the forest. Setting out with the break of dawn the young men followed the trail of blood deeper and deeper into the darker parts of the forest.

In the twilight lands between the ordinary forest and the enchanted parts they came upon the bear in a swamp where it was eating the remains of the woman. The beast noticed its’ hunters and went for the attack. In a joint effort the squires fought and killed the strong and fearsome animal.

Afterwards they flayed the bear, and in so doing Cadry found a sliver of cold iron in the bear’s foot. It was later pointed out by lord Amig that the sliver looked much like the iron crown in Cadry’s family’s possession.

As chronicled by Sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

Imber Bear

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