Current name: Hindon
Current lord: Melkin
Current steward:
Garrison: 2 footmen
Other names: Wick manor, Roman Villa
Size: £12, One knight’s household
Structures: Wooden Longhouse (Fine furnishing, Roman decorations [2 Glory]), Mill, Bakery, Dovecote, Kennel, Blacksmith, Personal Armory, Stables
Villages: Wick
Enhancements: Roman Villa (ruins, can be salvaged for decorations or maybe rebuilt), Chapel.
Investments: Horse Herd

Notable features


Hindon as a manorial land is rather young, but was the site of a rich Roman family for a long time. The Roman family had a rich Roman villa on a hill overlooking Naddar valley. But the villa has seen little repair and is mostly in ruins, and since no one remains with the knowledge of Roman architecture the house is used as a storage.


Household Staff: (£2,5)
1 Kitchener £0,5
1 Huntsman £0,5
2 Maids £0,5
1 Page £0,25
2 Grooms £0,5
1 Laundress £0,25

Manorial Staff: (£5)
1 Bailiff £0,75
1 Stabler £0,75
1 Blacksmith £0,75
3 Domestics £0,75
4 Seamstresses £1
4 Laborers and Grooms £1

Raw materials: (£2,5)



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