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Hillfort Hundred


Salisbury Hundred

Hillfort hundred is the remains parts of an old tribal kingdom. As a hundred it is today split and without a set ruler, since all the farms and manors are ruled by many different lords. It’s located in the Nadder Valley, in the western parts of Salisbury. The western parts lead to Jagent County, but are protected by the thick forests of Gloom. To the south-west lies Dorsette.


Hillfort hundred in the Naddar valley holds a long history of turmoil and war since the tribal times. It has shrunk many times and is today but a shadow it it’s former glory. Yet, some old customs and oaths remain. Rachel month the warriors of the hundred gather for the hundred court, to solve local problems and to judge the commoners for their crimes. Serious crimes are sent to the Sheriff of Llud’s Hall, as none of the warriors present holds the right to judge High Crimes. Most of the time, not all warriors have time to gather. They usually send a trusted man in their stead.



Places of note

Tisseberrie Hill, an ancient burial hill
Beautiful Grove, a romantic location in the forest of Modron
The Hanging Tree, a dead old tree with customs of it’s own
St. Evasius Abbey ,a Roman Christian Abbey near Hindon
Roman Villa, the ruins of an old Roman Villa
Hillfort Hill, the ruins of an old Castle
St. Raymond Nonnatus, a nunnery near Chillmark

Manors in the hundred


Oath of Crows Skarpskytten