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Player notes: They are to distant to keep any real relation to you.

The county of Hartland is a poor and hilly county, noted for its herds and pastures rather than its farms. This has resulted in the people being notably stingy and selfish.

The county has had a permanent if yet unimportant place in Logres politics for many years, and still retain some semblance of loyalty to the land. They have a rivalry with Huntland whom they think has betrayed the old ways when they swore Homage to Est Seaxe.


  • Anstey is a fine old-style castle atop a 30-foot motte.
  • Hartland a castle. size upon the Lea River.
  • Royston is a city without a castle, and a stop along the King’s Road where it crosses the old Icknield “Ridgeway Road.”
  • St. Albans is a city in Hertford.

Dominant lord: Lord Morcan (former Sheriff)
Heir: Mascen
Political strength: Negligible (2)
Military strength: Prevalent (2)

Regional trait: Selfish against rich people
Regional passion: Hate Saxons


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