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Player notes: King Cerdic wants vassals. Trying out diplomacy.

Hantonne is a medium rich former county of Logres with a proud Roman and Cymric legacy. It is a rich coastl county with one of the major ports of Logres acting as a trading-centre.

The formerly proud county of Hantonne has fallen to the rule of the Saxon King Cerdic and his Gwessi loyalists. It is a country where both Saxons and Cymric serve the new king with both knights and warriors. There are still some rebels holding out in villages and the forests but most of it has been shut down by the might of Cerdics armies.

Also known as: West Seaxe

Dominant lord: Cerdic
Heir: Cynric
Political strength: Relevant (4)
Military strength: Powerfull (6)

Regional trait: Greedy against Britons
Regional passion:


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