Gwydeons Hair

Codex Britannia, All Artifacts
Gwydeon's hair


Allows the bearer to gain an automatic critical success on a Temperate roll. Afterwards the player must roll a d20. On a roll of 1-? the artifact is used up.


There are legends that claim the Gwydeon’s nephew was an ancestor of the Cellydon family and that the nephew carried an large lock cut from Gwydeon’s own hair. Being a sorcerer of great power, it is said that anything that was part of or owned by Gwydeon held some measure of his magic.
What is known is that it has saved Cellydon ancestors several times when they were invited by enemies to sup on poisoned drink or food, at least when it has been used judiciously.

Current owner: Cadry ap Cadwallon
It saved his life in 495 at the victory feast after the battle of St Albans. Most other lords died from the poisoned wine being served in the grand hall.

Gwydeons Hair

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