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Player notes: They are too involved in current wars, and keep a distance.

Green BanneretGlevum was once part of the Duchy of Glevum, ruled by the dominant Duke Eldol of Glevum with an iron fist. For reasons unknown the old Duke outlived many several generations of his own sons and fought in battles way into his hundredth year. After the Duke died his grandson and his grand grandson has begun feuding over the old title, both calling themselves Dukes or Bannerets. This has split the old duchy in twine, forming the counties Clarence and Glevum. His great-grandson Heli rules Glevum.

Duke Eldol was not only Duke of Glevum, but the informal head of the old Gewessi tribe. A union of many British tribes that spanned across several counties. He often spoke ill of how Vortigen portrayed his tribe.

The county is known for it’s city Glevum, and the edgy burghers living in it. They tend to look down on the peasants on the fields and talk often of their roman and pagan heritage alike. To speak ill of the former Duke in the city is bad manners, and usually ends with beheadings. You need to learn after all.

Vassal to: King Nanteleod, King Uther (formerly)
Dominant lord: Lord Heli (The Green Banneret)
Heir: -none-
Political strength: Negligible (2)
Military strength: Notable (3)

Regional trait:
Regional passion: Hate Clarence


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