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Player notes: Long years of non-aggression has given your counties decent relations.

Gentian is an old county located central Logres. It is between Salisbury, Silchester, Clarence and Rydychan, and includes the city of Wandborough, the castle of Gentian, and the White Horse Hills. It’s was once part of the Duchy of Glevum, but was separated even before the death of Duke Eldol. Some of the locals still talk about the old Gewessi-ways.

A county is a rather prosperous land ruled until recently ruled over by an ambitious baron (Baron Gwyn, Cymric British Christian) looking to expand his lands; no one was sure which way was is looking. Ha had a fierce fealty to Uther Pendragon though, who mostly held him in check. The Baron died in the Infamous feast and his young son, Charles, is to inherit most of his land. Charles is still young and the county is run by his mother Lady Mary. Mary is a strong woman who has begun showing increased political power. She is currently looking for alliances with Rydychan and Salisbury, two other counties ruled by women.

Dominant lord: Young Charles (through his mother Joene)
Heir: -none-
Political strength: Relevant (4)
Military strength: Notable (3)

Regional trait: Trust Rydychan
Regional passion:


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