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Large parts of Britain is forested with thick, heavy and dark forests of many kinds. Salisbury is less forested than some counties, but is surrounded by several large forested areas.

Forested areas

Forest Gloom/Forest Glamour:
The forests called “Gloom” is a somewhat loose definition of wooded lands. Depending on definition its part of Campacorentin Forest and Modron’s Forest, as well as Blakemoor woods and Selwood. The Forest Gloom is known for having deep and dark parts where it is easy to get lost. The common folk even say you can get so lost, that you will never return. The darkest parts of the woods is Blakemoor woods and parts of Modrons forest. An interesting note is that if you enter the forested areas from the west, they are usually called “Forest Glamour” and when entered from the east it’s called “Forest Gloom”.

Foreboding Forest:
The wooded area called “Foreboding Forest” is a large collection of several forests and woods. I stretches far into Hantonne and Dorsette. It is a dense forest and is inhabited by both normal and fabulous beasts of many kinds. Several large hills and cliffs in the forests is said to be the home of magical beasts such as giants and gryphons. Badger Forest is usually considered a part of the Foreboding Forest.

Royal Forests

Constantin continued an old Roman tradition of keeping the forests in royal control, and this has largely been the case since. Much of this ancient law has been disputed and questioned in the land. The old King Vortigern had a lot of problem keep control of all the wooded areas and rights, but since Aurelius Ambrosius standardized the Royal Forest it’s been under strict control. There are three large forests in Salisbury that are considered “Royal Forests”, but much of this custom is ignored.

Badger Forest:
Large parts of this forested area is dense and thick, and hard to hunt in. But the prey is bountiful. The Lord of Glevum hunts here occasionally, with or without he King’s Pleasure since he holds the Hillfarm.

Clarendon Forest:
A large wooded area outside of Sarum is called Clarendon Forest, or simply “Clarendon” for short. It is a mixed forest with many species of trees and a decent hunting-area. The kings has a private forester controlling the area.

Llud’s Forest:
Although Llud’s forest stretches outside Salisbury, the part in Salisbury is considered Royal Forest. It’s an ancient forest with large trees and thick underbrush. The Forest is guarded by the Sheriff’s forester and regularly patrolled by the foresters.

Havern Forest:
This young forest has stretched far in the last few generation and is filled with plentiful prey and predators alike. It’s a popular hunting-ground for the Bishop of Salisbury and the Lord of Salisbury, at the King’s Pleasure.

Gilded Woods:
A small part of a large royal forest is found in the western parts of Salisbury. It’s not considered a part of Forest of Gloom. The king keeps a hunting-lodge there called “King’s Stag Lodge”.

Other Forests and Woods

Campacorentin Forest:
A large wooded area that goes far into the Summerlands. Is said to be inhabited by many strange things. Only a small part of it is inside Salisbury county. Witches is said to live in the forests.

Blakemoor woods:
A dark and swampy forest that lies on the borders towards Summerland. Many strange beasts and animals live in the forest. A few hermits and hamlets can be found deep in the woods. A mysterious lake is said to be found far into the woods, guarded by a the ugliest woman in britain.

A forest and part of Gloom, but rather well travelled and safe. Crossroads between three counties goes through the wooded areas. It is guarded by Woodhouse.

Odstock Woods:
An old part of Foreboding Forest that has been separated by farmland. Pretty lousy for hunting, many of the trees are old and dead.

Coomb woods:
A small wooded part of the land, decent hunting-lands. But few large animals.

A small but dense forest in the north-western parts of the County. Not particularly good hunting-grounds, since it is so dense. Is said to be inhabited by a monster.

Mordron’s Forest
This is one of the most ancient forests in Britain. It’s thick and very dangerous, and few are reckless enough to venture far into it. Some say it’s a way into the other side, other’s that an old dark princess rules the forest. Most know that if you venture far into the woods, you do not return.

Forests of Salisbury

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