Excaliburs Peace

Year: 489
Commander: King Uther
Location: Western Summerland
Opponent: Duke Gorlois
Outcome: Peace!, Uther
Length of battle: 0 rounds
Battle size: Large



In the year of our Lord 489 the knight of Hillfort received orders from their lord Roderick to muster troops and travel to Sarum. The call to arms was not unexpected but puzzling as the knights knew not where they were marching to war and against whom. Yet, true to their oaths, they gathered up their men. Since Sir Gamond had been away in Ambrius abbey for the winter the remaining Crow Sons decided to let Melkin of Marwth lead the men to Sarum and prepare them for battle while Sir Cadry and Sir Maelgwyn traveled east to seek their absent battle brother.

Arriving at the Abbey they found Gamond already prepared for departure and after hearing of his fall to madness during the winter they traveled west again.

Meeting up with the army near Sarum they found Sir Melkin missing; sent off on some important mission which Lord Roderick choose not to speak of. Here they also received their battle orders: to meet up with the Kings army and then travel west into the lands of Duke Gorloi. The king was fed up with the insolence of the Duke for the duke had many times failed to answer when the muster was called, only sending apologies and hollow words.

For weeks the army of King Uther marched until they reached the battlefield and many knights shuddered when they lay their eyes upon Duke Gorlois army. Not only did the men despair when they saw the number of their foe, for many of the Kings men had only sent token forces, but for many this was the first time fighting fellow knight on the field of battle. For brave knight are unlike the Saxon hordes or the screaming Irish: far better trained and with armor and convictions sturdier than fur and leather. The field of battle also seemed ill chosen by King Uther; with streams and hills to great advantage for the enemy. The battle would have been a hard fought one with many lives lost on both sides had not the King, in his wisdom, decided to parley with the duke. In the middle of the field they met: the king with Merlin and his dragon banner by the side and the treacherous Duke Gorloi with many foolhardy knights by his. As the King spoke the very hills resounded with his booming voice: proclaiming the Dukes unfaithfulness to him and Logres. The duke, impudent as ever, showed no humbleness or shame for his crimes and just as it seemed the battle would begin Merlin told the King to draw his sword. As the Sword of Victory leapt from its scabbard it shone with angelic light, blinding the surrounding men and showing them the true might of the rightful King. Shuddering with fear, for he knew this was a battle he could not win, duke Gorloi raised his voice:

‘’And if I surrender? What then?’’

For a moment the king grew dark, for he would not easily forget the duke’s disrespect, but with a calming word by Merlin and with reason pure he decreed:

‘’You shall have all the land from here to the sea, to rule beneath me: The High King.’’

As the duke bowed his head the sound of thousands of men rang through the land for even though they would have relished to fight for their king and win glory on the battlefield they knew that their King and land grew stronger this day.

Excaliburs Peace

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