Disastrous Feast

Disastrous Feast

During the summer of 481 a feast was held in Sarum for count Roderick’s potential brides. Several disasters during the preparations led the three squires Cadry, Gamond and Melkin to try to save the festivities. Some of the problems turned out to be more of a challenge than others…

Rats in the cellar

One of the planned courses at the feast was supposed to be a sculpture made of cheese, but none of the pages dared to retrieve the ingredients. They claimed that there were rats in the cellar. Melkin and Gamond went down to fetch the putrid dairy products when suddenly they were set upon by rats that were as big as dogs. One of the rats went for Melkin’s throat and savaged him badly. Both squires retreated but vowed to return. Later on the rats were killed by Gamond and Cadry when they had retrieved their shields and armour. After having retrieved the cheese they found a hidden compartment. Within lay a corps and several broken potion bottles. Cadry found one still intact, and speculated that whatever was in them might have been what made the rodents grow to such an unusual size.

Girls like flowers right?

In the courtyard the squires found a broken wagon that had spilled a load of flowers in the mud. The girls who had brought the flowers were fighting fiercely and thus the squires took on the job of retrieving new ones. Gamond spent a minor fortune on bribing the local villagers into picking new flowers before it was to late. Melkin, being injured from the previous encounter with the rats, escorted the wagon and children into the hills. When the picking was done and they were returning to the Castle, four robbers stopped the cart. Melkin did some quick thinking and pointed out to the men that they might be hanged for something so paltry as stealing flowers from the Count. This provoked some second and third thoughts and the robbers decided to let the wagon through.

No strings attached

Airla, the harpist, who was to play at the feast was missing, and the squires set out to find her. They managed to locate her at the eagle market in the town. It turned out that her harp had been damaged or possibly sabotaged. Thus Airla asked the squires to obtain new strings for the instrument. Gamond remembered seeing three maids fighting up at the castle and tearing each others hair out. New strings were thus made out of unwillingly donated maidens hair and the harp was returned to Airla. She then told them that the harp had once belonged to Gamond’s older sister Adwen who had been killed during the night of the long knives.

By God’s blood where’s the meat

The chef certainly had a rough day, since not only the cheese but also the meat was missing. Three different courses of meat was to be served. One with deer, one with bear and one with mystery meat of some kind. The deer meat had been stolen from the kitchen and the squires found out that it was being fenced at the market. They threatened the merchant with the count’s justice, and merchant reluctantly returned the stolen meat. The culprit was later captured by sir Bar who rode after the man with a broken green belt.

The bear meat had never arrived at the castle. While looking for the deer meat Gamond happened upon a relative who told him that his nephew had been sent out for the meat. Thus Cadry and Gamond rode out to find the nephew. His wagon had broken down and the squires helped him repair it securing the bear meat as well.

When they came back to the kitchen, the mystery meat had mysteriously appeared, and so all the meat had been found.

Don’t drink and ride

Melkin had been appointed to serve the old and expensive Falernian wine at the feast. When going down into the cellar the squires found out that a drunk monk had just broken the amphora. The monks begged an pleaded with the squires to ride to Ambrious Abby and retrieve another bottle. While Melkin delayed to feast Gamond and Cadry rode off in the night towards the cloister. On the road Cadry’s horse stumbled and threw Cadry off its’ back. Cadry told Gamond to keep going and so they were separated.

While Gamond tried to convince abbot Dilwyn to give him the needed wine, Cadry and Melkin were facing different challenges. Cadry was set upon by an unknown man who attacked him after having found out his name and who his served. Melkin convinced Airla to prolong her performance by telling the story about Gamond’s sister.

Gamond managed to retrieve the wine with the help of his elder brother Rhodry and a promise of future favors to the abbot. Meanwhile Cadry managed to defeat his opponent, and saved the dying mans life. Melkin tried to create some ruckus in the kitchen but the staff was well focused and the attempt failed.

Eventually the squires were reunited, and the wine safely served at the right time.

As chronicled by Sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey

Disastrous Feast

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