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Player notes: Too distant to be important, but still holds a grudge from St.Albans

Deira is a Saxon kingdom in northern Cumbria, a forested coastal region of northeast Malahaut. It was largely unoccupied until the Saxons settled there during the rule of King Uther Pendragon. It has no significant castles or cities.

Deira and Nohaut were one kingdom in all save name until the battle of Saint Albans, where the rulers of the two kingdoms were killed. As of 495 AD King Yffi is the King


  • Middlesbrough: Fishing and local shipping center, of the Teesmouth
  • Teesmouth: The area around the mouth of the Tees River centers on Middlesbrough, a local port and fishing city. The region also includes the coast along the North Sea to the south, including Whitby.
  • Whitby: Fishing town, with a haunted abbey on the cliffs over it.
  • Deira Forest: The Deira Forest covers much of Catterick and part of Nohaut.

Dominant lord: Yffi, son of Eossa
Heir: ?
Political strength: None (0)
Military strength: Effective (4)

Regional trait:
Regional passion: Hate Britons


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