Crow Calls

Crow Calls

The return to Hillfort

After the indecisive battle our young knight’s returned home to Hillfort, where they found their lands raided by the bandits they had discussed earlier that year.

At Chillmark three of the raiders had been hung, at Hindon the relic had been stolen from the abbey, at Tisbury a fenris saxon had tried to purloin the Sword of Sigeberht, and in Ludwell all went south.

This time Ludwell had been raided just like the other manors, but even before entering the grounds Maelgwyn and Gamond had great row about who should interrogate the peasants first. Then Gamond fought with his mother, lady Lilo in the village of Forestwatch. She was neither agreeing with his way of handling the peasants nor did she approve of how he had treated his stepfather. The harsh words that Gamond then uttered made his mother prepare to leave Ludwell in tears. Swallowing his pride Gamond begged his mother to stay, which she agreed to on the conditions that Bodwyn could move back in with her and that Gamond hereafter would put his family first.

During the winter feast at Sarum, Count Roderick had received famous visitor in the shape of Duke Lucius, the boy knight, and his entourage. Lucius’s champion,Maris de Revel, asked the Count for sanctuary since Duke Lucius lands at Caercolun had been conquered through saxon trickery.

Lord Elad had not yet decided on how to act on the Count’s offer and demand but through our young heroes intervention he was finally convinced that him marrying would be for the greater good even though he had great misgivings about the woman Count Roderick had chosen for him to marry.

The Crow Arrives at the Castle

The last thing of note that happened during the winter revels was that the four young knights saw a strange crow that stared straight at them and that ignored any attempts to shoo it away. Finally it spoke and said to the knights that the Lady of Crows would summon them for the first time next year and afterwards it flew away.

As chronicled by sister Elaine and Brother Philippos of Ambrius Abbey.

Crow Calls

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